Your bartender is probably ripping you off by making you spend more!

After a hectic week, everyone wants to cool off and forget the stress of the weekend. , so what we do is visit our nearest bar to get booze in our system, which probably helps us throughout the week. , no matter how much your bartender smiles at you, he’s ripping you off! Yes, it is that he will not even find how.

These are some of the tricks bartenders use to trick you into spending more without you realizing it!

1. More foam less beer.


We’ve often seen bear glasses foam more than real ale, either we’re too busy to notice or too embarrassed about it. If you really know the bang for your buck, wait for the foam to come off and politely ask your bartender to fill the top.

2. Your special request.


Often we see people ordering cocktails that aren’t even on the menu. , he will certainly do it for you using cheap alcohol and charge you the equivalent of the expensive one.

3. Add a little water.


We all know that ice dissolves faster in alcohol, so to keep it from diluting the alcohol, what you do is add a little cold water. The ice will take longer to melt, you will notice the difference.

4. Wear dark or matte glasses with a thicker bottom.


Come on, at least you used your common sense to figure that out, didn’t you? Well, experienced bartenders use very dark glasses or glasses with a thicker bottom to make it look like there’s more liquid in the glass than there actually is.

5. Beware of counterfeits.


Putting cheap booze in an expensive bottle is the oldest trick in the book. You can definitely tell the difference by looking at the color, if you can’t tell by taste, goodbye money!

6. Use different proportions.


Please don’t fall into this trap, when the bartender doesn’t add soda to your drink, your drink tastes much stronger than when mixed with soda. , the amount of alcohol remains the same.

7. Free snacks for your drinks.


You can really feel happy to get free snacks with your drink, have you ever paid attention to how thirsty you feel after eating these snacks? This, in turn, makes you order more drinks.

8. The straw also has hidden tricks!


Did you know that the straw you use to drink your favorite cocktail contains a certain amount of alcohol? which gives a very strong taste at the first sip, surely

9. Using the jug bar.


We’ve all seen that the fancy bar pourer they use to serve drinks doesn’t give us the illusion that they take longer to pour our drink, so they serve more drink. , in fact, they pour equal amounts of drink in both cases, when using a spout or when using .

10. The measuring cup.

Yes, this clever bartender measures the size of the drink in the glass before pouring it, placing a metal insert inside to measure smaller than the actual size indicated.


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