"Strange things happen in the house all the time," says one couple who bought a "haunted house."

"The word 'haunted' should make any sane person run in the opposite direction when they see it. Call me a coward, but believing in the paranormal is actually a sensible thing to do. It's best not to mess with creatures of the dark. But some people seriously insist that this is nonsense, that they really want to gamble with their own fate. This couple decided to gamble with their fate and decided to buy a "spell house".

The couple who bought the "magic house" say that strange things are happening in the house.

Apparently, the couple, like many rational people on Earth, refuses to believe in ghosts, spirits, or worse, demons.

And these people, I mean, haven't seen the movie, have they all? Or did they see the movie, think there was such a thing, and buy the house?

Cory Heinzen and his wife Jennifer bought their dream house, a haunted house.

The house, where the Perron family lives, was apparently haunted by Bathsheba before Ed and Lorraine Warren took it to hell, and is the original "haunted house." We've all seen the movie, right?

But when you know the reality, you don't want to, even if it's your worst nightmare.

Andrea, the eldest daughter of the Perron family, claims that the evil spirits in her house were real and still haunt her.

As soon as the farm was sold, Cory, a paranormal investigator, bought the house for himself.

He said there are always doors and windows he can open himself. They say that life there was very difficult.

The house with tricks.

So far, they haven't found anything sinister, but there is no denying that there is a lot of disturbing activity around the house.

The house with tricks.

The couple is still hoping to fix up the haunted house before it opens later this year.

We can only hope that Warren has put an end to the evil.


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