These thought-provoking illustrations by John Holcroft show us whats wrong with modern society

Almost everyone is aware of the things that plague us in modern society, either we don’t have the will to urge governments to do something about it, or the authorities just don’t listen to us. Whether it’s climate change, the ongoing landfill, or social media addiction, things are moving forward. , we are still plagued by them. The fragility of the existing socio-economic system , the darkness on the races is too obvious, things continue as usual. Ordinary people follow the path that their predecessors followed, others in society follow.

However, there are people, like artists, who are ready to accept it. They have it to protest, although in a different way. John Holcroft is one of those artists who took it upon themselves to protest against the system in place by urging governments to take over. He went back to the drawing board to draw illustrations that show how society plays against a sustainable social economic system. He created characters that portray the torturous realization in the face of reality that the only way is to embrace this absurdity .

Some of his illustrations are extremely inspiring. The illustration of a man and a woman trying to shoot a basketball is an impressive depiction of gender inequality. This represents so strongly that the bar has been held so high for women that they are able to achieve their goals.

In another illustration, he depicts a child taking a chocolate from a vending machine while a poor, destitute child inside the machine processes those chocolates. This illustration, in particular, exposes the truth that many of the products people buy are made by child labor under inhumane conditions.

Let’s take a look at some of John’s most inspiring illustrations.

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