These parody Chinese products are better than the originals!

These branded Chinese knockoffs are actually better, here’s a look:



Oreos, as beautiful as they are, are arguably one of the most misrepresented candies. It’s totally okay, though, that all the spin and dunk stuff they advertise is usually nothing out of the ordinary. The Chinese, again, do not hesitate to call a shovel for what is subsequently the BORIO. They are two filled sweet treats, no more and no less.

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2. Poliostation

This really came out of the game’s historical context as one of the most famous knockoffs China has ever made. So much so that the PolyStation clearly tears off the Sony PlayStation. “He assures that it has become a kind of urban legend as it is horrible. You see it really is a . The Nintendo Entertainment System in which its packaging controller simply takes on Sony support status.


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China only had to alter Nike’s word to do so with fake gold. In fact, it’s apathetic to the point that they didn’t try to go higher or lower in the order of whole letters, but just took the letter just before the N. Whatever is considered MIKES is completely extraordinary when you see that you’re really wielding


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4. 7/12

Considering the hustle and bustle of a forger’s life, it’s only fitting that there’s a similarly duplicate convenience store ready to serve your needs. The place is a famous 7-11 convenience store chain. 7-12 is not just opening hours every day, seven days a week, these people spend shopping 25 hours a day, eight days a week.


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5. Legs

Legs is a knockoff of the famous food chain fries brand, Lays. Consumers will feed on aerial legs.


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