It's hard to be a girl in summer, these realistic images are proof!

Summer, well, maybe people are looking forward to their beach vacation. , for a girl the summer season sucks. There’s nothing good about it, you’re constantly sweating, smelling, sticky, the list goes on. Well, here are some realistic pictures that a girl goes through during summers.

These realistic images are proof of what girls go through all summer long!

1. I wish lingerie designers knew what it means to design size medium. The fight is really real!


2. Yes, it definitely happens. I mean honestly, how is that really necessary?



3. Overalls can look really cool in the summer, trust me, it’s a shame when you need to pee.



4. You have to be very brave when wearing tight dresses in the summer. You will definitely like the suites.



5. There’s no point in wearing makeup in summer because it melts faster than ice.



6. Floral perfumes can smell good, not only will you attract men when you put them on.



7. Rings are definitely forbidden in summer, you will regret wearing them as soon as you put them on.



8. Please don’t even think about finding a comfortable position when you’re in the summer. You will soon regret it.



9. No, you won’t be close to Marilyn Monroe, but you’ll look like a lunatic from an insane asylum.



10. Yes, you either wear micro-mini shorts or very long ones. There is no intermediate solution.



11. Sandals look great, they’re painful to wear. You will find all kinds of crushed stones stuck in it.


12. Well, looks like someone forgot about her thighs, which the summer notice apparently did.


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