Hilarious public announcements that turn a boring day into a fun day!

Public announcements are made to grab your attention and make you aware of something. Often, these notices are strictly formal and monotonous in tone. What if these ads were funny instead of serious, would they have the same impact? It would be really fun to watch.

These funny and goofy public notices will surely turn your boring day into fun!


1. Hey, just because you can’t find yours doesn’t mean the Chinese have them.


2. You didn’t have to be so rude, you know, of course it’s true!


3. Yes sir/ma’am, you really look super cute when you’re wearing that seatbelt that cracks your skull in an accident.


4. That’s what I mean, humans are really toxic to animals, finally someone admitted it.



5. In a parallel universe where you have to have children to enter the pool.


6. Thank you very much for this information, what should I do with the gills that I have specifically adapted for breathing underwater?


7. Does anyone dare challenge the bull? I do not believe that!


8. Starting to smoke is super easy (maybe!) Quitting smoking is super hard (definitely).


9. People must be so considerate, thank you mate!

10. No, it will happen at all, if you keep doing it, be my guest.


11. So, do you keep littering? No, I didn’t think so either.


12. Experiences can teach you a , especially when you’re okay with welcoming bears into the . I hope the lessons will stay forever.


13. For all of you who think you’ll stop the ride if you cry, then you should think twice before deciding to get on this ride.

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