Girlfriend shared the reality of her boyfriend acting completely different on social media

Guys are weird creatures, no don’t hate me, I have proof, also personal experience. These guys will like the sweetest real life creatures in dm, they tend to be cool bros on social media. Whether it’s insulting their girlfriend or making fun of her, these guys know no bounds. You can really confuse the two personalities, I mean are they all programmed to be Gemini? With a bit of luck . Let’s take a look at what this girl has to say about her boyfriend who has two different personalities.

Olivia, a 20-year-old student, shares on social media how different her boyfriend acts in reality. We are more than surprised!

1. Okay, apparently he has a switch that makes him a, I dunno, jerk, maybe on Instagram, a really adorable kitty on texts.

2. Well, it’s definitely too weirdly personal for anyone to read, this caption. wow! It is a serious transformation.

3. OK, seriously, what’s your problem, man? How the hell are you so nice on DMS, a completely arrogant ignorant person on the internet?

4. Guess the slap on her pretty face was so pretty after all that I can’t find a single inch of goth on her gorgeous body.

5. Here we go again, a long, sweet paragraph about how much he likes her and then says, «She’s petite.» She is Ginger AF” on social media. and because?

6. Oh, so apparently his little girl became his broski? I don’t even know if that’s a term.

7. Well, that’s really pathetic, I think he must maintain a certain notoriety in the media, right? Jesus!

8. What the hell does this term mean? I win

9. So I guess you’re totally fine with that, she would definitely use her tricks on him to give him a taste of her own medicine.


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