Facts About The Human Psyche That Might Be Keeping You Up At Night

The brain is a very complex structure and it is very difficult for someone with a certain way of thinking to change that way of thinking for the rest of his life. Someone will make up their mind about something and not rest until they get it, even if the chances of that happening are slim. On the other hand, some people won't be able to get going, even if it's a one-second job, because they think they can't do it. The human spirit is something we will never fully understand, but at that level it continues to amaze us.

Here are some facts about the human psyche that will keep you awake at night.

Confidence comes from watching others fail.

There are two types of people: those who gain confidence when they see others lose and those who lose confidence when they see others do.

People think they are better than average.

Don't we all? We don't think we are bad or good. We simply think we are better than others.

We are attracted to people with narcissism and psychopathy.

Most people are attracted to and like people with narcissistic or psychopathic personalities because of this self-centeredness.

Loneliness is the root of all insecurity.

When we feel lonely, with no one to tell us that everything is going to be okay, we suddenly start to dislike the people around us.

The brain judges unconsciously. Spirituality.

When you have to make a decision about something and you have doubts. Your mind has already made up its mind and this is what is known as "intuition".

The owner of an iPhone thinks he is better than everyone else.

It is not the first time that all iPhone owners think they are better in some way, but in reality they are just buying an expensive product.

The less intelligent people are, the more confident they are.

The more you know, the more opportunities you have, so you always have to keep that in mind. People with low intelligence only believe in one thing and don't consider other options.

Nocturnal people are often psychopaths. 

This is because they simply assume they are better than others, and there is a 1% chance they will be made to look bad.

People in leadership positions are notusually happy.

They are dependent on many people and sometimes this just leads to depression and psychopathic traits.

Lack of love leads to real physical pain.

For all kinds of pain, including mental pain, they somehow get exhausted from thinking too much, and that's where the real physical pain comes from.

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