Comics that show what love looks like before after 30

Love is something that does not age, does not grow old. It’s always fresh as in the situations, what changes are the feelings in the way people express them. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand is that everything changes, evolves over time. The way teenagers represent the care of love is much more different than the idea of ​​something a person might have at the age of 30. An artist makes cute, heartwarming comics about what love looks like before 30. These are very good examples in themselves.

Here are some of those comics that will win your hearts:

Before the age of 30, it was so good to talk on the phone.


After 30 years, you don’t have enough time for the calls to understand the concept of space, so you meet them.

Jealousy at different times.


Modern relationships are mostly jealous partners who end up together, it’s a surprise.

Declaring your feelings was easier back then.


When you say the words for a long time, it’s the statement that counts, it’s the effort.

Dates have completely different meanings.


When you’re 30, your dates usually don’t have dessert after dinner, that’s only natural.

Gifts increase in value.


In the heart.

Quality over quantity, at all times.


When you have money, you are in a restaurant and you savor every sip, whereas when you are young, you just want to drink until you vomit.

Things that attract you.


It’s really mature at that point.

Things can get really messy.


after 30 years, this joie de vivre is so impressive.

Appearances matter.


People feel comfortable with each other for a long time.

When you have dreams come true.


Reality hits harder than you think.

Change of location.


People just brighten up their relationships, they are not ashamed of flaws in mature age.

Texting was so cute, waking up to good morning messages was even better.


The source

With the times you talk like business associates texting work related, it’s still boring.

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