Clever ways to help customers who don't tip

The pizza delivery boy shares his skills!

A pizza delivery guy found out how they bring customers back. Clients, who don’t tip for their services, refer to terrible bills from associates who tip a lot. Much more horrible. Having pizza delivered to your doorstep is one of life’s little extravaganzas. Although a significant number of us still tipped if we went out for dinner. Paying early for takeout on the card with change at home means it can be difficult to know how to tip a delivery person. You may need to plan ahead after a pizzeria employee understands how they respond to customers who don’t tip for services is really a divided opinion.


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The delivery man specifies that they work for a small pizzeria. Typically, around 10-15 requests are sent each night. His department pays the lowest salary allowed by law. Additionally, they expect drivers to pay for the fuel of the cars they depend on. This means that it turns out to be a seriously paid job. They say most customers understand that tipping is usually £3 per request.


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They say,

“Every night I tip people,” they wrote. “The worst is when it comes to a large and expensive order. If I arrive late they don’t tip, I understand that I didn’t provide good service, I don’t deserve a tip. Orders where I quickly provide good service and don’t tip drive me a little crazy. »


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When the driver thinks he’s done just fine without the customer’s acknowledgment, he discovers the phone number used to send the request to schedule two early morning wake-up calls using online support for revenge. Taking advantage of the backlash they might face, they added that other drivers were doing far more harm. of those drivers, he says, «I’ve worked at a few delivery locations over the years. If a regular customer doesn’t tip, I’ve seen drivers spit or blow on the food or worse. I think it’s wrong to play with someone’s food, no matter how they treat you. if I do nothing, I stay angry all night.

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