Artist Illustrates How Disney Princesses Would Live If They Were Like Us

Artist Andhika Muksin illustrates a more realistic version of the Disney Princesses. The way he expresses it combines modern reality with a classic.

1. Eating an apple: expectation vs. reality

There’s another version of Snow White that does things more like normal human beings, like humanely eating an apple.

2. Awakening from the Dead


God save the face we have after waking up in the morning, only to wake up from death. Muskin exemplified the perfect expression.

3. Her wig fell off while fleeing


It would be harder to find Cinderella in a wig.

4. If Daenerys Targaryen was a cartoon


This would be the most appropriate dragon trick. Look at that fierce look.

5. Like princesses when they are hungry


Even the prince has to listen to her tantrums until he brings her food.

6. When you turn on the shower with the first rush of cold water


Believe me, it’s a mermaid feeling. I’m sure this happens to Ariel all the time when she’s sunbathing by the rock.

7. Cinderella in video chat


She doesn’t look pretty to you, does she? If he always shows himself from the best angles, he also has a double chin like us.

8. Disney Fashion Week


The evil queens are all in the front row, ready to judge and criticize.

9. Disney Princesses Are Perfect


Even Arial has bad days where she hates her life.

10. Get on that fucking mat

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