Almost every restaurant uses these tricks to trick you

Every business has its own secret tricks to success. With the rise of restaurant competitions, everyone is trying to be better than the other. They may give you sweets or drinks just to make you stay longer.

1. Tables with a view are reserved for those who come to eat

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If you’re just there for coffee or pizza, you’ll get the table next to the view.

2. No children’s menu

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It’s a tip when the waiter comes and says you can order something from the regular menu for the kid, it will be half the price. It is said that the total price is half, they still maintain a profit margin.

3. Servers must do their hair, make up or wear jewelry

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This is done to ensure customers don’t find a gem or a hair in their food. In addition, very beautiful waiters are hired, because customers make waiters look better than them.

4. Free treats from the chef

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A free starter makes you more happy, a free dessert makes you order a coffee or a tea. Also, when you get free treats, you feel compelled to tip more.

5. Bakeries display whole cakes while in a restaurant

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It’s human psychology that when we see a piece of cake we assume it must be tasty, which increases our desire to order. in bakeries, people will buy a whole cake.

6. Chef’s recipe unusual names given to ordinary food


Both are made to make customers think the dish is something fancy and the price may go up.

7. Bring a free lemonade with the menu

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