WhatsApp messages that disappear after a while can be sent immediately

WhatsApp messages that disappear after a while can be sent immediately

WhatsApp may soon offer its users a cool new feature

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is likely to soon offer its customers a cool new feature that represents a major change in the philosophy of the chat program. Typically, WhatsApp is used as a warehouse for messages, which will sooner or later be filled with suggestions from all users, but WhatsApp may change this soon, including irregular/deleted messages.


This new feature automatically deletes certain messages after a certain amount of time has passed

The message will delete itself within a certain period of time set by the sender. The report also states that the feature is currently available in the app, but is disabled by default.The ability to self-destruct WhatsApp messages has been discovered in beta versions 2.20.83 and 2.20.84 of WhatsApp for Android.


This option allows the sender to create a self-destructing message

With this option, the sender can erase the message in a private chat. You can also choose to have the message expire in one hour, one day, one week, one month, or one year.


It is yet to be determined when and how this feature will be introduced

According to reports, disappearing messages will initially be used in group chats and will be managed by group administrators. Once approved, the feature can be enabled or disabled in group settings and contacts, and the required time can be set accordingly.


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