This YouTuber made her Bali trip photos look like they were taken at IKEA.

This YouTuber made her Bali trip photos look like they were taken at IKEA.


1. IKEA is the new Bali!

YouTuber Natalia Taylor has revealed that she successfully faked an entire trip to Bali by sharing photos taken at a local IKEA store through social media. No one seems to know the difference.


2. Many people believe that there is nothing better than a vacation in Bali.

Many people think that there is nothing better than a holiday in Bali. However, not many people are blessed with such an opportunity; social networking sites often overwhelm us with photos of celebrities living their best lives on amazing trips. But can we really think about everything we see online?


3. don't worry, it's just a photo!

Youtuber Natalia Taylor says that getting excited about scrolling through someone's Instagram is a waste of time. She tricks her followers into thinking they're going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali. And even if it's IKEA, she's proven it.


4. Natalia shared the photo with her followers.

She sent the photo to her 314,000 viewers. She claimed to have had a wonderful time in Bali and shared it with her followers. Natalia visited this IKEA store near her home with a photographer named Aly Amodeo. All that glitters is not gold, all that glitters is the IKEA store in the city center.


This blogger dressed up in her bathtub for a photo shoot. She then sat at a dressing table in front of a luxurious mirror and a telephone on the wall. She edited the photos before publishing them. She also left a photo that looked like an Ikea price tag, showing that not everything is as it seems.

The first caption reads, "The Queen has arrived in #Bali. Her followers responded.

Some wrote, "She is truly living her best life here." Another replied, "Our Bali princess," while a third added, "Bali will never know what happened to her."

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