This dog, Coco, likes to stand on her hind legs!

This dog, Coco, likes to stand on her hind legs!

Coco really likes to stand on her hind legs.

When Coco, a Maltese dog, hears Cameo's "Word Up! was heard by Coco, a Maltese dog. I decided to respond to the call. Even after her owner showed her this trick, Coco continued to raise her paws as if she didn't care. Now, even her owner cannot take care of her business. She does what she likes, when she likes, and where she likes.


Coco's owners decided to document her fun antics.

They created Instagram profiles for their dog Coco and her sister Cici, constantly posting pictures of the little Maltese furball approaching her. more than 231,000 people follow Coco and Cici's activities, making them one of the most famous dog pairs on the Internet They are one of the most famous dog pairs on the Internet.


Kathi Lauchner, Coco's owner, said.

"Before Coco, we had a Maltese dog for almost 13 years, but he died. We were devastated and couldn't accept not having a dog in the house, so we looked for another Maltese bitch on the Internet and that's how we found Coco. She came from a local breeder in Arizona."


She further adds.

"Coco is actually "Chichi's" aunt, but at home we call her sister. Coco is super sweet, kind, and gentle. She's almost like a human, she doesn't mind playing with toys, and she likes to sit next to humans and have her tummy rubbed."


Coco's training was easier than usual.

Ruffner said.

"We had already trained her to sit, so within a week of picking her up, she learned to get down the following week. Then he fell down and high-fived!" And that was it. Our other Maltese wasn't as smart, so we knew Coco was special!" . And then she learned to "sit" as you can see in most of the pictures! She was trained to sit still and then "sit beautifully". After I trained him to sit, he sat, but he was so excited that he almost stuck out his paws every time he stood up."


According to Kati, Coco is a real foodie!

She's "crazy and cool at the same time because she understands when we talk and makes direct eye contact when we tell her to look at the camera. We don't force our dogs to do anything they don't want to do.

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