Five Everyday Items You Use to Keep Your Secrets

Five Everyday Items You Use to Keep Your Secrets    

From time to time, various questions pop up in our minds, and we need answers to satisfy our curiosity. Some of them we know the answers to. For example, have you ever wondered why lollipops have holes in them, or why women's underwear has small pockets? These things are made for an unspecified number of people, and most of the time, they are of no use to the user. There are many more things that we never thought of that would surprise us if we knew their purpose.

So, let's start by answering some questions about the things we use and see in our daily lives.

1. Why are there holes in lollipops?

If you've ever been eating a lollipop and noticed that there's a hole in the stick, and you think it's just a hole to keep you from choking, I can explain to you that you're mistaken. This hole acts as a hook. In fact, we stuff a piece of candy into a small compartment to hold it in place until it is completely eaten. That way, it can stay in place until the candy is finished.

2. Why is there always a ball on the top of the knit hat?

The ball at the top of a knit hat has no practical purpose other than to blindfold the knitter. Of course, it can also be used as decoration.

3. Why is there a diamond-shaped thing on the top of my backpack?

It's called a tie clip. They are often used to attach bicycle lights or carabiners. You often see them on bicycle commuter backpacks/courier backpacks. Also, like many other parts of a bag/backpack, they are mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

4. Why are there lines on the toothpaste tube?

There is a myth that the black line is synonymous with chemicals of the past, while the green line represents organic ingredients. But the truth is that the lines have nothing to do with known/organic content, but simply indicate the barcode of the toothpaste.

5. Why do women have small pockets in their underwear?

The identity of the small pockets in women's underwear is a piece of soft tissue placed in a very sensitive area for comfort and hygiene. That's why some advanced underwear don't have them, because they are only meant to be worn for a very short time.


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