An abandoned, graffiti-covered highway in Pennsylvania

An abandoned, graffiti-covered highway in Pennsylvania


An abandoned highway in Pennsylvania has the feel of a horror movie!

Perhaps no one will find this desolate place appealing. The peace and quiet of the uninhabited area is both frightening and fascinating at the same time. But there is no doubt that nothing is truly deserted, as some people perceive it to be.


Interesting, sad, and scary!

To remind us of nature that quickly dives down and resumes its abandoned position, sometimes we just can't ignore it completely. The same thing happened to me at this abandoned site along Route 61 in Pennsylvania. What is unusual, however, is that the people who occasionally tread on it after it is abandoned leave no trace of their footprints.


This highway has been abandoned since 1990.

Centralia, just over two hours northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is home to the Graffiti Highway, which has an important and beautiful history. Its history began to fade around Memorial Day in the spring of 1962, but since the mid-1990s, nearly a mile of Route 61 has been abandoned.


The Centralia Mine Fire threatened its structural integrity.

City officials decided to dispose of the massive amount of debris by burning it before the big Memorial Day parade. But to their horror, the dump's explosion struck an active coal seam underneath the town, causing a fire that destroyed the town.


About 1,000 residents who lived around the site had their houses demolished and were evacuated.

Eventually, the fire spread to the area around the mine below the town.

Although the fire was once extinguished, it started again and could not be stopped. Under these circumstances, the government decided in the mid-1980s to relocate a reasonably expected number of residents with a subsidy of more than $42 million; more than 1,000 people took up the offer, and 500 buildings were to be demolished.


The once exciting and beautiful city had turned into a ghost town.

Few people still know that this city is still burning. Only a few hikers occasionally walk along the abandoned roads, some of whom started leaving graffiti marks around 2000.

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