8 Royalty in History and Their Disgusting Habits

8 Royalty in History and Their Disgusting Habits

It is said that power makes people old, but it also makes people odd, strange, violent, and disgusting. To see how successive emperors have substantiated this claim, please read the following

1. The Roman Emperor Nero killed his wife and executed his mother.


It doesn't stop there. It was clear that he was a really weird guy. He executed his mother for meddling in his affairs, and apparently killed his wife as well. He then marries his sister-in-law, Octavia, but she too is later executed. Later, he married a woman named Sabrina, whom he also killed. He still loved her, but it is said that he married a slave who resembled the woman he loved.


2. Vlad III, or Vlad the Impaler. In fact, he was the original inspiration for the famous Dracula character. Vlad was known as the son of Dracula.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think that he would inspire literature and film with his fantastic nature. But what do you think? Now, it's time. You call your enemy "dialogue" and then you kill him. Then stick its corpse on a stick and show it to people.


3. Tsar Paul of Russia


This man cared so much about his army that he would beat them up if their uniforms were not neat. He tried to make everyone wear Prussian coats, so "up to standard" means absolute perfection. Later, he was assassinated.


4. In Spain, when royalty was sick, it was common for them to sleep with the body parts or corpses of saints.


In the days when medicine was not developed, even a mere cold or cough was considered to be life-threatening. In such cases, the royalty would drag out the corpse of the saint, believing that if they did so, the gods would show mercy.


5. Charles II was a special kind of freak!

It was really amazing and quite bizarre. When he made love to a woman, he collected her pubic hair and sewed it together to make a wig. He donated the wigs to a club where they were stolen, and then he started several other clubs where people would come and kiss him.

King George IV had the inspiration to start the same thing, but he died before he could collect enough hair, so he couldn't carry it out.


6. Queen Maria Eleonora loved her husband so much that when he died, she ordered his heart to be taken out and placed in a golden box above her head.

However, this was only part of her period of mourning, and she insisted that not only herself but also her daughter sleep with him so that she could feel his presence. It makes me wonder why people are so obsessed with body parts.


7. Louis XIV, King of France, also had a strange way of doing things.

When he gave speeches at court, he used to put a toilet lid under his throne. He also bathed only three times in his life, but changed his clothes three times a day, and had his men make him a new perfume every week.


8. Henry VIII, who literally started the tradition of "the bridegroom sitting on the chair.

Don't you think it's strange? I mean, in this tradition, the person who takes care of people's poop, etc., should naturally be appointed. The son-in-law is supposed to help the king undress and then clean up after him. The king was actually very proud of this initiative, and to be honest, it became very popular in later years.

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