12 Things Every Girl Notices When You're Naked in Front of Her

12 Things Every Girl Notices When You're Naked in Front of Her

Girls are less excited by a man's nudity than by descriptions of sexual activity. Your nudity may not be as exciting as hers, but still allow her to control it.

Women have a strong tendency to judge and observe. When a woman sees a man's body for the first time, it is an unforgettable experience for her. Her brain is filled with many thoughts and feelings.

These are some of the things a girl notices when she is naked in front of you.

1. She examines her hands and nails.

Guys don't take very good care of their hands. Physicality is not always what a girl really needs. In the moment of pleasure, it is your hands that she is really looking at. Keep your hands clean and your nails neatly trimmed. Girls value order, remove unnecessary things, and believe that cleanliness is the ultimate goal.

2. Look at even the toenails.

Leaving out your toes is a huge insult to you. Just heal your toenails and make sure your feet are clean. Yes, you have to take care of them. Make sure you wear clean socks before going to work. There is a home remedy of applying moisturizer to soften hard toes.

3. waxing and trimming

As mentioned above, the one thing that girls always vote for is cleanliness. Many women today are looking for a little bit of male grooming in there. Trim it neatly and shave it if necessary. Think about how you want to present yourself to your partner.

4. he'll notice your underwear

Go around the store and buy not only clothes, but also underwear. They no longer look like underwear. There are a variety of boxer shorts and panties on the market. Just ask him what he likes and what he is comfortable with. Imagination is just one of these things.

5. he wants you to smell good.

If you want to attract him with something other than your looks, the important thing is your scent. Perfume acts as a catalyst in all erotic reactions. Also, everyone has body odor that is damp from sweat. Bathe slowly with fragrant soap and shampoo. Now that you are in control of your game, wear your favorite good perfume.

6. take care of your appearance

Not everything is important. Also take into account how she attracts you. Girls are shy, so they need compliments and you will say a lot about her beauty so she will pay attention. She will be embarrassed to be so vain in front of her real man. What men can do is to compliment her sexily and make her feel good. Seeing your beauty will show her your affection.

7. she wants you to dim the lights

Making love is a quiet and patient process. To enjoy it to the fullest, you have to take off your watch. That's why relaxing lighting is so important. Girls are like that by nature, so a halogen lamp makes them feel even more depressed. Make your room a full moon night. Just like any other relaxing time, it can be dim. Don't make it so dark that the two of you have to go looking for everything. Just follow this and you will always have fun and repeat the experience.

8. she's looking for your erection

She will notice your tool. Yes, she will be very bothered by your erection. If you don't excite her, she may lose all hope and enthusiasm. It won't be long before you're in front of that girl of your dreams. But if you do, assure her that you are nervous and will make it happen as soon as possible.

9. being checked for height

Taking into account the pain at work, she calculates your height when she sees you. So reassure her that it's okay and that nothing will change in size. Guide her mind and make her one with you.

10. If she can do that, she thinks she can rule the kingdom.

This is a game where the king rules the kingdom. Women want a gentle and loving man in their daily lives, but a strong and dominant man in bed. Forced sex is one of the best fantasies in the world. I don't talk about it, but I do fantasize about it.

11. She wants to know if you want to talk about safe sex.

She has probably already envisioned it. Any person can get an STD without even knowing it. You just have to set everything aside, use protection, and walk safely. You both want to be safe at all times, so convince him that protection is a priority. She expects an open dialogue about the use of protective equipment. 12.

12. She is calculating your confidence.

To make your job easier, remember to drive yourself. Try to stay ahead of her ideas. She can sense your confidence by making a few known mistakes.

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