12 Interesting Facts About Korea That Foreigners Don't Know

12 Interesting Facts About Korea That Foreigners Don't Know

Travelers from all over the world are realizing that Korea is a completely different country. It is only through experience that one can define their way of life. The exotic cuisine, the beauty secrets, the education, and the way of raising children.

Here are a few interesting facts about Korea and its people that most people have never heard.

1. Korean women sit with a blanket on their lap.


Even when it is hot outside, many Korean women put blankets on their knees. You will often see TV guests, K-pop idols, and ordinary women covering their knees in restaurants, cafes, and other public places. This is to protect their genitals and to avoid exposing anything when wearing a mini-skirt, and the blanket symbolizes modesty.


2. Women cover their mouths when they laugh


In the past, all women were told that it was not feminine to laugh in public. Therefore, if they laughed at something, they would always look away or try to hide it. So if you see a Korean woman covering her mouth, think she is yawning and don't assume she is laughing.


3. Importance of V-line and S-line in the body


The V-line represents a pointed chin, while the S-line represents a perfect body shape and makes a woman look beautiful. the V-line is said to make both men and women look more elegant. a man who compliments you on your V-line or S-line means he likes your chin and body shape.


4. Mandatory alcohol testing for drivers


On Fridays and Saturdays, the police usually block off one side of the road to check for non-taxi drivers. If you see a police car, pull over and take a breathalyzer test. They only allow you to drink up to 400 ml of beer or soju, and you have to pay for every ml over that.


5. hospitals have very good food


In a normal Korean hospital, you can eat delicious food every day. In addition to traditional appetizers such as clam chowder, sushi rice, kimchi, and vegetable pancakes, different dishes are served every day.


6. The school year starts in March, and I am having a hard time securing a seat for a lecture.


Before the school year starts, special classes are held to share information about the school's history and allow students to get to know each other. But in reality, it's a lecture by a senior student on how to have fun studying.

Students choose the course they want to take, and since the class size is limited to 60-100 students, they have to book early. Therefore, it has to be done on campus or in the computer lab.


7. K-Pop idols are being sold instead of Barbie dolls.


Who doesn't know a K-Pop singer? You can easily buy a small copy at any store where you can see members of the band BTS.


8. If you're thrifty, you can stay in a sauna


Their public baths and saunas are called jjimjilbang. Short-stay tourists can take a sauna for the affordable price of $7, and locals come to the sauna to relax after a long day of work or partying.


9. If you are in a relationship, do not talk to the opposite sex.


Koreans still believe that men and women can't be friends, so if you're in a relationship, you don't see or talk to friends of the opposite sex.


10. November 11th is "Love Day".


Also known as "Pepero Day," it's for eating sweet sticks of bread with different kinds of icing and fillings. It is a game where lovers pass them to each other, chew them from both sides, and the one with the fewest left wins. It can also be given as a gift to friends and family. Either way, this game has become a part of their culture.


11 Korean men do not date women who are heavier than they are.


It is not uncommon for a Korean couple to have a woman who is taller or more built than the man. This rule is very strict, no matter how great the potential of the man. You have to obey this rule. Even girls won't date someone who is shorter than them. Age and blood type also play a big role.


12. Koreans keep their hands warm.


Despite the fact that buildings are well-equipped with heating systems, body warmers can be found in beauty salons and esthetic salons.


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