10 Famous Cartoons Banned in Different Countries for Different Reasons

10 Famous Cartoons Banned in Different Countries for Different Reasons

We grew up watching cartoons on our TV screens. We thought they were funny and innocent, but some cartoons were banned in some countries because they were too controversial. If you don't know about it, read on.

1. Episodes of Peppa Pig have been banned across Australia.

In one episode, we learn how to make friends with spiders and insects. But in a country like Australia, where there are 10,000 spiders (some of which are extremely poisonous), this is extremely dangerous. That's why it was banned.

2. SpongeBob episodes have been banned in over 120 countries.

This animated episode has been banned in more than 120 countries, including the United States, Europe, China, Russia, and Australia, because of its violence and coarse language. Also, the episode where Squidward contemplates suicide has been cancelled.

3. Some episodes of "Tom and Jerry" have been canceled worldwide.

Many episodes of this show were controversial because they justified unpunished violence. Several episodes also featured cartoon characters who smoked, drank alcohol, and did other things that were inappropriate for children.


4. Tiny Toon Adventures episodes were banned around the world.

In the "One Beer" episode, a group of cartoonists tried to steal a bottle of beer. This episode was cancelled because the characters were not appropriate for children.


5. "Shrek 2" was banned in Israel.

This cartoon was banned in Israel because it made fun of public figures and contained sexual references. In one episode, a character says "two-bobbit," meaning he wants to cut off a person's vital organs. In the recording, it was changed to an Israeli pop singer known for his high-pitched voice. The joke was not accepted by the singer, David Deo, and Deo sued the creator of the cartoon as well.


6. Singh Chang banned in India

This cartoon appeared in India in 2006 and was banned in 2008 for encouraging naughty behavior. People were concerned about Sin Chan's behavior towards adults and called for a ban.


7. China has banned the popular Winnie the Pooh cartoon series.

The cartoon was taken off the air in July 2017 after a meme circulated on the Internet comparing him to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The image of Winnie the Pooh was blocked from the internet as the government is against ridiculing its leaders.


8. One episode of Pokémon was banned from TV broadcasting in Turkey, Japan and the Arab League.

In one episode, explosive flashes of bright blue and red lights occurred at a frequency of 12Hz. Many children complained of feeling ill, some of them losing their sight and part of their consciousness. It is reported that another 600 children were hospitalized. This incident later came to be known as the "Pokemon Shock. The cartoon was banned in Japan, Turkey, and the Arab League.


9 Steven Universe was banned in Kenya and a number of countries in the Middle East.

In 2017, Kenya's film classification board banned Steven Universe for being "pro-homosexuality." kfcb defended the decision in a statement, saying the show was "aimed at introducing deviant behavior to children."


10. India has banned the keeping of cows and chickens.

The program was banned in India because it portrayed cows as victims of violence. Since cows are revered in the country, the cartoon was considered offensive. In addition, there are some disgusting jokes and sexual references that are problematic.


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